7 Quick Takes: If I Homeschooled and Wore Dresses All Day…

24 Days or Sooner Baby!
Had my 36 week OB appointment today and my favorite Catholic doctor, Dr. Kirkwood, scheduled me for a 39 week induction of Natalie Faustina, due to her size and my age.  Oh darn!  Apparently, being old does have its benefits.  Anyways, So, so excited!
For those of you who don’t know my birthing record, this will be my 6th induction and probably my 6th epidural.  This will also be my third child receiving antibiotics due to me being a carrier of Strep B, didn’t even know what that was with the first three, but I guess lots and lots of pregnant ladies have it with some pregnancies and not others.  Also, the first three were born in the same room at Ft. Irwin, CA and these next three here with Dr. Kirkwood and probably Nurse Diane at the same hospital. It’s always so comforting knowing who and what you are dealing with.  I know it’s not natural, per say, but clearly it’s natural for me and all my kids have normal lives despite all the meds.
Also, it appears my obsession with ice chips may be a sign that I am anemic.  I eat these little kid’s cups all day long.  The family is tired of me flicking them with water and hearing me crunch, but I am being serious when I say I can’t live without them.  They taste better to me than a chocolate chip cookie…uh, and it’s ice.  Weird!  So, I had my blood drawn to see what’s up.  Pray for us and Natalie!  OK?

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7 Quick Takes: The Birds and The Bees

17 Days To Go

Saw the OB doc yesterday and looks like I am not dilated or effaced in any way.  Unusual for me at this stage!  No biggie though…well, there is some pun intended there, cause I am huge!  I feel like I can only stand now for 5 to 10 minute stretches of time;  Add holding Goldilocks to the mix and I am out.  We usually end up snuggling in the computer chair since I take up more room going forward then I am wide.  Speaking of which, my stomach measures a whopping 41”!  Crazy!  This is my second pregnancy, though, out of six, where I gained the minimum not maximum weight recommended.  I am attributing it to my workouts early on, though I haven’t worked out since the back issue and the viruses spread through the house.  I am OK with that though since it has allowed me more time to Blog : )

Right now I am at 23lbs and figure I will top off at 25 lbs.  Considering the last 2 were 37 lbs, it really has made all the difference. This has been one easy pregnancy, considering!  Don’t get me wrong, I just had another sleepless night but really this has been unusually easy for me.


Birth Control does include Condoms Ma’am!

OK, small rant here:  So I saw a different OB yesterday, as mine was in surgery.  Very nice doc, actually they all are at this secular facility.  I am blessed that my personal OB is the only Catholic one there!  Continue reading 7 Quick Takes: The Birds and The Bees

What I Wore Sunday Vol. 1 : : 37 Weeks

My Lenten Confession: I don’t usually take a lot of pictures of myself in general but especially when I am pregnant.

Lately, I have been praying about the why?

I think I have narrowed it down—it’s my own ugly Pride!  The truth is, I simply don’t want people to see me in a perceived state of imperfection and let’s face it winter white legs, swollen cheeks, boots I could barely zip, and my stomach out the house makes me feel like a freak.  But I don’t want to succomb to that negative way of thinking anymore because in doing so I am putting myself up next to society’s idea of perfection.
Instead, as part of my Lenten prayer, I have come to realize I need to give myself permission to be imperfect, and in that imperfection let the beauty of Christ be my confidence.
So, I made the decision to join Fine Linen and Purple’s Linky, posting a picture of myself and my outfit that I wore to church every Sunday.

  1. I feel like this is a good move on my part because it makes me vulnerable and helps me in my humility.   So here I am out from behind the camera and feeling the exposure but in a good way.  (Also, I need to at least have one picture of me pregnant with Natalie Faustina!)

*As for my fashion description, as some bloggers do, I have a Motherhood Maternity all-in-one sweater on, Target maternity skirt and Nine West boots.  Nothing special folks but it’s Me!

7 Quick Takes :: Game Changing Mother’s Day Books

I was just saying to The Chief, I do believe I have read more non-fiction books than fiction.  And I am ok with that…I am ok with what I believe to be a life’s long journey of growth and learning, because I don’t have all the answers but mostly because I want to better myself. 

I don’t presume to believe 100% of what I read, but I feel like God has endowed me with the skills to discern what makes sense and what is garbage.  That’s how I focus on the books I read, especially when it comes to mothering.  I have had books where as soon as someone else put into words a similar notion that had been floating around in my mind, I took it to heart and really adopted that way of thinking.  If on the other hand, I read something that seemed so out of whack that I couldn’t latch on to it, than I trashed it.  An example of that would be nursing until 3 years old or longer.  No way, ain’t  gonna happen!

But in the pursuit of learning and growing I have chewed on all these books here, savored some of them whole-heartedly and others I have taken bits and pieces.  Reiterating  the words of Mathew Kelley in Rediscover Catholicism:

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More Femininity=More Love

~The Manifesto~

The TRUFEM woman fights for and upholds the unalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!  In doing so, her cause is unique because she is unique.
She is not controlled by the masculine doctrine of the feminist cult, rather she dignifies herself and gives glory to God in the most loving way–by embracing her True Femininity.
She is a True Feminist and the world needs more of her. By her feminine joy, she shares her love with the world.
**Grab my button and proudly display your TRUFEM status on your blog and help us give more love to the world by:
Restoring OUR Femininity
Preserving OUR Families
and Accepting OUR Fertility

7 Quick Takes :: Round Here and not the Counting Crows song


The TRUFEM Manifesto has been written and posted.

Once upon a time I was your typical, modern day woman too wrapped up in my self and my own little view of the world and how things should be.  It left me hopeless, depressed, and unsatisfied.  And then in stepped Jesus…circa 2007!  Nough said!
So near and dear to my heart and health is the TRUFEM concept and newly penned Manifesto.  See exactly what it is and how you can help women truly live it out.  If you really like it, won’t you grab my button and help promote True Femininity/True Feminism.

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7 Quick Takes Memorial Day Edition :: You Don’t Have To, But You Should

This website is sponsored by Dr. Juan Acuña – Urology Monterrey

Friday begins the Memorial Day weekend.  A weekend for many that comes and goes without pause between beach vacations, the family outing to the newly opened pool, launching the boat, and BBQ’s.   I’m ok with that!  and the men and women who have died for us would want you to enjoy and live it up!  You don’t have to go to your local parade, or the wreath laying ceremony at the nearby national cemetery, or watch tributes on TV.  It’s like saying you have to go to Mass, pray, and thank Jesus at Easter time or Christmas.  You don’t have to… but you should!  Isn’t that the reason for the season as they say?  Jesus promised us abundant graces from our relationship with him and when Christmas and Easter get wrapped up in just presents and parties, we miss the graces.  Jesus’ service and sacrifice are the model of Christian inspiration.  These virtues call us to live a better life and to affect change in the world.

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