I want my children to… {The Last List: 7}

I love Mathew Kelley’s book, Rediscover Catholicism.  I have soo many new quotes and words and thoughts to live by and I am only 25% done.  A few can be read below in my last list (for awhile now) on Leaving a Legacy.
But, anyways I love when someone can articulate fully what’s on your heart and mind.  Here’s one I am loving:
“We become what we celebrate.”
He asks the question of us, “What are we celebrating as a culture?  What are you celebrating?  You have become the person you are because of the things you celebrate.  Our culture has become what it is because of the things we celebrate. “

And I ask this of myself daily and for my children: is what I am listening to, watching, and reading the celebration I want to be doing?  Is it who or what I want my children celebrating?  Is it helping them or me to grow in holiness or distracting from it.
I pray daily for that guidance.  Here’s are my hopes for my children.