7 Quick Takes :: Round Here and not the Counting Crows song


The TRUFEM Manifesto has been written and posted.

Once upon a time I was your typical, modern day woman too wrapped up in my self and my own little view of the world and how things should be.  It left me hopeless, depressed, and unsatisfied.  And then in stepped Jesus…circa 2007!  Nough said!
So near and dear to my heart and health is the TRUFEM concept and newly penned Manifesto.  See exactly what it is and how you can help women truly live it out.  If you really like it, won’t you grab my button and help promote True Femininity/True Feminism.


Speaking of True Femininity,  Brown Eyes loves to dress up with her blankie.  Who is the blushing bride…why Mary of course.  She tells us, “I mother Mary!” and walks around the house for a good long while telling everyone in her path.  This little girl melts our heart.


The news is out!  We are homeschooling again!  Funny thing is the most popular post on my blog, the one that gets the most pageviews, is My Reasons for Quitting Homeschooling.  Well, like any person trying to walk with the Lord sometimes he gives you a reason and a season for change and our season back at the Catholic school has come to an end.
I walk into this again a humble parent that’s for sure.  I don’t have the answers to all of the vexing education and socialization issues we face as parents.  But this time my husband really joined me in prayer and contemplation, leading the family to this final decision.  His desire fueled my desire and we launched ourselves into a Novena asking for God’s will to be done through us.  And so here we are…doing it again!
**Stay tuned for a more detailed look at how I will combat the previous reasons I talked about which led to the kids going back to school.  They haven’t changed, but I suspect I have!  And that makes all the difference.


One of the greatest things I love about our home is our extensive Catholic library and antique book collections.  We feel like informed Catholics yet I have barely touched all the books we own.  Most of them were from The Chief’s seminary days.  We also love to hit the library in town on the First Friday of the month and buy old collections like The Great Illustrated Classics and the Childcraft Encyclopedias.


This is my life around here… Tony Horton from P90X has been on hold for, I don’t know, 3 hours.  I had every intention of getting sweaty and burning off this baby weight but you know life is hectic and babies come first and well I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I suspect I won’t really start losing until I head back to the gym.  I really do love that place.  I love competition, loud music, no distractions and then I can “bring it.”  At home, I just really don’t give it my all!


Baby Natalie, on the left, is 6 1/2 weeks old already.  I just can’t get over how much she looks like Brown Eyes at the same age.  Does anyone else see the resemblance?  But we might have blue eyes again.


Here I am at the same crossroad I have been down 5 times before–my baby in not gaining weight with my breastmilk.  Three weeks ago Natalie was 8lbs 5oz and I was thrilled with her weight gain.  Then the days go by and she seems thin and fussy like all my babies, so the questioning begins. I am right.  She’s only gained 6 oz in three weeks.   I reason it could be her and Brown Eyes have high metabolisms cause she’s still thin eventhough she was bottle fed from her 2 month check up.  Brown Eyes had only gained 2 oz in one month.  OMG, my poor babies are starving!  They are suppose to gain an ounce or more a day.  I can’t tell you how bad it feels to think your baby is starving because of you!
So, I can’t produce milk.  I don’t know why.  My mom says she couldn’t feed me either and my grandmother the same with her 5 babies.  Is it genetic?  I nurse round the clock, through the night, eat lots of calories but then they don’t thrive.  I feel so deficient!  Yes, I have heard the gamut of suggestions…Fenugreek, Mother’s Milk, pump, etc.  Nothing works!  And so here it is the supplement bottle I have used with all the babies and so I give up once again that I just don’t work right!
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