What I Wore Sunday Vol. 2 :: 38 weeks

Well, this may or may not be my last post with the bump since I still have one more Sunday till my induction on the 31st.  Savoring every last bit of the good stuff though: hiccups, nudges, kicks and chops, well, at least until the next one…if God will’s.

Today’s Mass was all about comfort as I can’t fit into too much anymore and The Chief takes care of Brown Eyes whose 2 and I put Goldilocks in the stroller (who by the way just turned 1) so I must have full mobility!  No heels : (

I have to admit I actually tried to suck it in in this photo… how laughable…yeah, no abs left to do that…lol!

So, I’m wearing my ‘Lenten’ purple tunic from New York & Co (non-maternity), black maternity leggings from Kohl’s, and black Style & Co sandals (cause yesterday was 70 degrees, but this winter has been crazy so when I got outside this morning it was only 45…burr!). And I painted my toes and fingernails this past week…what a project!  I went with hot glitter pink for Springtime fun, should it every return : )