What I Wore Sunday Vol. 1 : : 37 Weeks

My Lenten Confession: I don’t usually take a lot of pictures of myself in general but especially when I am pregnant.

Lately, I have been praying about the why?

I think I have narrowed it down—it’s my own ugly Pride!  The truth is, I simply don’t want people to see me in a perceived state of imperfection and let’s face it winter white legs, swollen cheeks, boots I could barely zip, and my stomach out the house makes me feel like a freak.  But I don’t want to succomb to that negative way of thinking anymore because in doing so I am putting myself up next to society’s idea of perfection.
Instead, as part of my Lenten prayer, I have come to realize I need to give myself permission to be imperfect, and in that imperfection let the beauty of Christ be my confidence.
So, I made the decision to join Fine Linen and Purple’s Linky, posting a picture of myself and my outfit that I wore to church every Sunday.

  1. I feel like this is a good move on my part because it makes me vulnerable and helps me in my humility.   So here I am out from behind the camera and feeling the exposure but in a good way.  (Also, I need to at least have one picture of me pregnant with Natalie Faustina!)

*As for my fashion description, as some bloggers do, I have a Motherhood Maternity all-in-one sweater on, Target maternity skirt and Nine West boots.  Nothing special folks but it’s Me!